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Holly Springs issues Stay at Home order enforced by local police

The City of Holly Springs has entered a stay at home order to their local residents that restricts travel and closes non-essential business due to the COVID19 outbreak.

It goes in to place at Midnight on March 23, 2020.

It reads partly as follows:

WHEREAS, to further protect the safety of persons and property of the City of Holly Springs the Mayor and Board of Aldermen determined the necessity of the issuance of a “Stay-at-Home Order” thereby closing all nonessential business and social activities within the City of Holly Springs effective 11:59 PM on Monday, March 23, 2020. However, if possible, nonessential businesses may use drive-through windows and/or curbside service and/or delivery service to conduct business. Under no circumstances shall nonessential businesses, agencies or organizations have any gathering of people in any facility within the city limits of Holly Springs. Nonessential businesses include, but are not limited to, retail stores, shopping centers, hair salons, barber shops, gyms, dance studios, event centers, restaurants, liquor stores, nail salons, offices, and churches.

WHEREAS, it is the intention of the City of Holly Springs to declare a: LOCAL EMERGENCY AND ENTRY OF A STAY-AT-HOME ORDER

NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, by the Mayor and Board of Aldermen of the City of Holly Springs, to proclaim a local emergency; and BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED by the Mayor and Board of Aldermen of the City of Holly Springs to enter a stay-at-home order; and BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the proclamation of a local emergency and entry of a stay-at-home order will be enforced by the Holly Springs Police Department

See the resolution below:

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