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Oxford closes all non-essential businesses for 15 days

The city of Oxford made a civil emergecy order on Sunday closing all non essential businesses for 15 days.

The order reads as follows:

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE MAYOR AND BOARD OF ALDERMEN of the City of Oxford, that the City hereby adopts the following additional emergency measures that shall take effect immediately and remain in effect until rescinded by the governmental authority of the City of Oxford (unless a different effective date and date for continuing effectiveness is stated in such measure(s)), to protect the public health, safety, and welfare of the community from the spread of a contagious or infectious disease and to eliminate or limit injuries or deaths that may occur in the absence of such measures:

Section 1: Because of the likelihood of close person-to-person contact, which increases dramatically the likelihood of the spread of infectious disease, effective immediately and for a period of fifteen days unless extended by Motion and Order of the governing authorities of the City of Oxford, all non-essential businesses and business functions including all bars, entertainment venues, meetings of fraternal and civic organizations, bowling alleys, theatres, recreational facilities, tattoo parlors, barbershops, hair/beauty/nail/tanning salons, spas, gyms, convention centers, community centers and parks (except for walking trails), shopping centers, retail stores (except where curbside is available and utilized) shall be closed to the public. This Section also applies to municipally owned convention spaces, community centers, and parks (except for walking trails). Persons who have rented municipally owned facilities shall be entitled to a full refund of any rental sums and deposits paid, with such refunds to be paid as determined by the Mayor of the City of Oxford.

Section 2: Effective immediately and for a period of fifteen days unless extended by Motion and Order of the governing authorities of the City of Oxford, all churches, temples and places of worship, assemblages and gatherings, including but not limited to private clubs within the City limits of the City of Oxford, shall adhere to the guidelines of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Mississippi Department of Health, and shall limit crowds, and assemblages or gatherings to no more than 10 people. This provision shall apply (nonexclusively) to funerals, weddings, and other social gatherings.

Section 3: Effective immediately and for a period of fifteen days unless extended by Motion and Order of the governing authorities of the City of Oxford, all essential businesses, agencies and units of government located within the City of Oxford shall take all reasonable measures to ensure that such businesses comply with the CDC and the Mississippi Department of Health recommendations and guidance, and shall implement appropriate safeguards to prevent the spread of infectious disease, including but not limited to: mandating social distancing, sending home sick employees and actively encouraging sick employees to stay home, separating and sending home employees who appear to have respiratory illness symptoms, emphasizing work-from-home policies where possible, mandating respiratory etiquette and proper hand hygiene, maintaining clean and sanitary workplaces, cautioning employees regarding travel, and taking all such additional measures to prohibit and/or reduce the spread of infectious disease, and especially Covid-19. To the extent the enforcement of this Section 3 might impair or impede the practical and safe operation of essential service businesses, the following are to remain operational following the CDC guidelines: City government services (police stations, fire stations, courts, garbage/sanitation, utilities, and such other services as the Mayor shall determine), hospitals/clinics and healthcare operations (nursing homes and assisted living facilities), veterinarian offices, gas stations, drug stores and pharmacies, food services (grocery stores, farmers markets, food banks, convenience stores, take-out, curbside and delivery restaurants), hardware stores, security companies, businesses providing services necessary to maintain the safety, sanitation and essential operation of residents (plumbers, electricians, landscapers, HVAC services, and the like), banks, community benefit organizations on a case-by-case basis (Interfaith Compassion Ministries, United Way, Salvation Army, Red Cross, Communicare, etc.), laundromats/laundry services, cemeteries, and professional services which service companies and individuals who or which are essential businesses, agencies, or governmental units (such as accountants, attorneys, engineers, architects, etc.), to the extent such professional services are able to operate under CDC and the Mississippi Department of Health regulations.

Section 4: The City may issue such other orders as are necessary for the protection of life and liberty.

Section 5: The penalties for violation of this adopted resolution shall be the same as those listed in the ordinance amending Chapter 1, Code of Ordinances of the City of Oxford, Mississippi – General Provisions, which the City of Oxford adopted on or about March 18,

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