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Tyson Foods warns that the United States food supply chain could be breaking

Tyson Foods announces Sunday that there will be limited meats available in grocery stores due to closures of facilities.

COVID-19 forced many of Tyson’s chicken, pork, and beef plants to temporarily close which has caused an interruption in meat supply. They warned that meat will be limited until they are able to reopen their plants.

The company also stated that food waste is an issue. Millions of farmers are facing the problem of having nowhere to sell their livestock to be processed, meat that could have been used to feed a nation.

Tyson has ensured they are doing everything they can to keep the food supply chain safe and secure. Several of their plants closed due to workers becoming sick with COVID-19.

Tyson has also pledged to help ease the financial burden of their employs should they fall ill. This will include waiving the waiting period for short term disability, waiving copays and deductibles for doctors visits and testing, as well as for telemedicine. They will also pay out $60 million in bonuses to 116,000 front line workers and Tyson truckers.

Tyson is taking steps to protect meat plant workers including temperature taking and supplying masks to employees. They don’t wish to shut down more facilities but have stated they will if necessary. Public health is top priority.

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