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Tips to be prepared for severe weather, tornadoes or any natural disaster

In the south, tornado season runs nearly year round, with the majority occurring in the spring in summer. Having a tornado preparedness plan will allow you and your family to be ready if a tornado is forming in your area. Above all else, we weather aware and do what it takes to stay safe.

Below are some tips and some must have items ready to go in your preparedness kit.

1. Designate the safest area of your home. While an underground storm shelter is the safest place, many do not have access to them.

Pick a spot in your home, preferably with no exterior walls and no windows, such as a closet or even an interior hallway. The center of a home is the safest place. It is also helpful to use pillows or even mattresses to cover yourselves to prevent impact from flying debris.

Make sure everyone in the family knows where the designated safe spot is so if a tornado strikes, all parties can get to the spot quickly.

2. Prepare a tornado emergency kit: This is something you can do ahead of time to have ready when the time comes. Designate a duffle bag or storage container to hold helpful items to have during the event of a tornado. Your kit should include:


bottled water

non perishable snacks

any necessary meds

blankets (in case of power outage in cold months)

Battery operated AM/FM weather radio

-extra batteries

-First aid kit

-Moist towelettes

-Masks (in case of dust/debris in the air)

-Charged Battery Pack

3. Keep up to date on weather warnings. Listen closely for any notifications of tornado watches and especially for tornado warnings. Mobile weather emergency apps are helpful to have for if the power goes out and you can no longer use your television for updates.

These are just few steps that can help you be as prepared as possible in the case of a tornado.

Jon Ross Myers

Jon Ross Myers is the executive editor and publisher of the Mississippi News Network, Mississippi's largest digital only media company. He can be reached at

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