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Youtube Kids video reported to show suicide tips- beware

A Youtube Kids video has been reported as having a suicide tip in the middle of what was supposed to be “Family Friendly” content, according to a report from a blog by child safety expert Dr. Free N. Hess.

The video is spliced into a childrens video showing a character cutting their wrists with the phrasing
“Kids, remember, cut this way for attention, and this way for results.”

On the Pedimom blog, it goes on to detail the scene and how the author went about getting the video removed.

From the blog. Beware what your kids are watching online.

This video was intentionally planted on YouTube Kids to harm our children. He waited until parents’ guards were down, thinking their kids were just watching a harmless cartoon when he made his entrance four minutes and forty-five seconds into this video.

From the Pedimom blog

Jon Ross Myers

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