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Years largest meteor shower happening tonight

The summers largest meteor shower, and the longest lasting so far this year, will be taking place tonight. With fair weather, the meteor shower will be clearly visible in the northeast sky.

The Perseids meteor shower will be most visible from around 11pm tonight to about 2 am tomorrow. It will originate from the constellation Perseus in the northeast sky.

The Perseid meteor shower happens as Earth passes through the viewpoint of the Comet Swift-Tuttle. The meteors appear to radiate from the constellation Perseus.

The meteor shower will begin around 9 pm local time on Sunday and continue until the early morning hours Monday.

If weather is not permitting for clear viewing, you can always use the NASA meteor watch Facebook page.

Jon Ross Myers

Jon Ross Myers is the executive editor and publisher of the Mississippi News Network, Mississippi's largest digital only media company. He can be reached at editor@tippahnews.com

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