Jayden Lowe future BMCC student makes world records in powerlifting

Jayden Lowe An Okolona teenager is making a name for himself in the sport of powerlifting.

At the recent Nationals for the United States Powerlifting Association in New Orleans. He weighed in at 175 on the day of the competition.

“I took everything. Won best lifter for juniors, four world records, squat of 595, bench of 363, and deadlift of 744 with a total of 1,702,” Lowe said.

Lowe, who is 18, began lifting as a freshman at Okolona High School, setting state records and always looking to reach the next level.

The hard work and discipline will continue for Lowe. He will attend Blue Mountain Christian University on a powerlifting scholarship. He wanted to do all he could to promote the sport, and also, break some more world records.

Lowe said he would eventually like to be a strength and conditioning coach for college-level athletes.

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