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Monday Morning Media Week 27 of 52

July 1-7, 2024

According to Vicksburg Police Department, the latest weekly update reveals significant developments in active warrants, incident reports, and arrest records.

The active warrants database, accessible at, has been updated to reflect current listings. Citizens are encouraged to visit the website to check for any outstanding warrants issued by the Vicksburg Police Department.

Incident reports for Week 28 are now available for public review via…/vpd_week_28_incident…. These reports detail various incidents logged during the week, providing transparency into the activities monitored and responded to by our law enforcement officers.

Additionally, the arrest reports for Week 28 can be accessed at…/vpd_week_28_arrests_reports…. These reports outline the arrests made by Vicksburg PD officers, highlighting ongoing efforts to ensure public safety and uphold the law.

For further information or inquiries regarding the updates mentioned, please contact the Vicksburg Police Department at [insert contact information].

Chief Penny L. Jones emphasizes the importance of community engagement and awareness in maintaining a safe and secure environment for all residents of Vicksburg.

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