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Schools in Tippah and surrounding counties issue warning about threats on social media

Multiple school districts in North Mississippi are issuing warnings about viral threats of violence made via social media challenges.

Posts are circulating on the popular social media app TikTok that indicate mass shootings, school bombings and more.

South Tippah school district issued the following:

The South Tippah School District is aware of the recent trend on TikTok and other social media sites encouraging students to make threats of violence in their schools. We want parents to know that we have not had any such threats made at any of our South Tippah schools.

However, we would like to encourage parents to take the time to caution students about the dangers of following these so-called “challenges” and the consequences of engaging in such behavior would result in disciplinary action and even criminal charges. Such challenges directed at young people are presented as pranks, but would certainly be taken seriously and have very real consequences.

As always, our foremost goal is making sure our schools are protected and continue to be a safe environment for all of our students. We appreciate your help in making sure none of our students are lured into such activities online and helping us to maintain a safe learning environment for all of our students

The Union County School district issued the following:

Late today we learned of a Tik Tok challenge that reports say encourages students to threaten harm or possibly bring weapons to school tomorrow December 17. This is reportedly a result of Tik Tok posts, but this challenge is NOT specific to any Union County School. It is a general post, circulating across our nation.

We are aware of this challenge and the Union County School Security and Leadership Teams are keeping in close contact with our partners in law enforcement, as well as with other local school district security teams. Again, there is no specific threat toward out schools. We will remain vigilant, continuing to investigate any rumors or threats that may arise. If anything develops, we will communicate with our families immediately.

Additionally, we need your help. Please speak to your student about this challenge. Ask them not to repost any threatening posts or messages. Instead, please remind them if they “see something” to “say something”

Jon Ross Myers

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