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State Auditor announces return of over $150,000 in embezzled money from Missisisppi officials

Last month, the state’s auditor’s office announced they had concluded four guilty verdict cases for embezzlement. This led to nearly $150,000 being returned to taxpayers.

George Nangah was convicted of embezzlement in Tate County. He was arrested in October 2018 and charged with federal and state crimes. He had embezzled over $200,000 from the town of Coldwater. Once his sentences are complete, Nangah will have served 8 years in federal and state prisons and up to 12 years of probation. Nangah has been ordered to repay the money he stole from Coldwater.

Kappi Allen was convicted of embezzlement in Coahome county. She was arrested in June 2019 after stealing over $90,000 from Coahoma taxpayers. She was ordered by Judge Alber B. Smith III to spend 1 year on house arrest and up to 14 years probation. Allen has been ordered to return the money she embezzled and she is not allowed to handle public money again.

Stacy Frazier and Joseph Edney were convicted of embezzlement in Union and Bolivar Counties. Frazier was sentenced to five years probation and Edney will spend up to seven years on probation. Both must repay money stolen.

Along with these cases, the State Auditor also recovered and returned over $140,000 to the city, county, or state agency from which it was stolen.

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