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Kroger and other stores set to limit purchase of meat including ground beef and pork

Some stores are limiting meat purchases again due to recent panic buying of pork, chicken and beef. The new guidleines will try to curb bulk purchases.

When news hit of meat being in short supply due to several Tyson meat factories temporarily closing, customers rushed to stores across the nation to buy extra meat and stock up. Because of this, Kroger is limiting ground beef and pork sales in some of its stores.

Other large grocers such as Aldi have said they expect to be periodically out of stock of different meats and have placed signs in their stores warning customers of this.

President Trump signed an executive order last week to compel meat factories to remain open, regardless of any impact of COVID-19 on workers.

It was reported on Sunday that over 4000 Tyson employees had contracted COVID19.

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