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Walmart Unveils “Walmart+” Service to Combat Amazon Prime

On Tuesday, Walmart revealed a new service that is intended to rival Amazon Prime’s stranglehold on the consumer market.

Walmart+ membership prices undercuts Amazon Prime by $21, but also lacks many benefits that comes from a membership from Amazon.

Walmart+ offers free shipping on items over $35 in value, but Amazon has no price requirement to qualify for free shipping with Prime.

Prime memberships also offer a Whole Foods discount along with memberships to Prime Music, Prime Video, and other services within Amazon.

However, Walmart+ still has plenty of redeeming qualities.

For instance, members save five cents per gallon at Walmart gas stations if they are subscribed to the service. Also, customers subscribed to the service can scan physical items and pay for them as they shop through the store, which would eliminate waiting in checkout lines.

The service will be available to consumers on September 15.

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