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Christmas in Cotton Plant Canceled

On Tuesday night, the owners of Christmas at Cotton Plant has been canceled for the year of 2020.

Here is the statement released by the owning family:

It is with sincere sadness that we make this announcement.

After much prayer, thought and planning we regret to say the 2020 Christmas in Cotton Plant Celebration will not be open for 2020.

Covid-19 has been the deciding factor for closings due to safety precautions of many activities we all love. Our entire family has had the virus and lasting effects for many weeks and we realize the havoc it plays on your body. We have lost several friends to this terrible virus.

From March until we make this post, the last thing we wanted to have to do was take away the celebration of the light of hope during Christmas season this year! The safety of you and the safety of all who make Christmas in Cotton Plant possible to enjoy each year comes down to our family having to make this hard decision. Please keep our family in your prayers and think of us as you light your tree this year.

We are in great hopes that 2021 will be a much better year for everyone. We will continue to pray and think of your families and know that our family will have much grief that the lights of Christmas in Cotton Plant have had to go dark but know that we can continue to look to The Light of the World Jesus for our every care.

Like the song most us sang as a child ”He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands”, he really does have you and me! May the light of Christmas burn bright in your heart this year and we look forward to lighting up in 2021!

God bless you!

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