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Area Codes are Now 662 and 471 in Mississippi

Starting in late 2025, residents and businesses in Mississippi’s 662 area code will begin encountering a new area code, 471, for newly assigned phone numbers. The Mississippi Public Service Commission announced Thursday that it has approved the introduction of the 471 area code to address the increasing demand for phone numbers in the region.

According to the North American Numbering Plan Administrator (NANPA), the existing 662 area code is expected to exhaust its numbering resources by the third quarter of 2026, prompting the need for an additional area code.

The 471 area code will not represent a specific geographic area but will be assigned to new phone numbers within the current boundaries of the 662 area code. Existing phone numbers with the 662 area code will remain unchanged; only new phone numbers issued after the activation of the 471 area code will receive the new designation.

Residents and businesses in the affected areas will continue using 10-digit dialing for all local calls, which includes the area code along with the phone number.

The 471 area code will cover a wide range of counties in both the Northern and Central Districts overseen by the Public Service Commission. Northern District counties such as Alcorn, Lafayette, and Union, among others, will adopt the new area code, as will Central District counties including Holmes, Washington, and Yazoo.

Customers are not required to take any immediate action in response to this change. Further updates and information regarding the rollout of the new area code will be provided in due course.

This introduction of the 471 area code marks a significant step in managing telecommunications infrastructure in Mississippi, ensuring continued availability of phone numbers for residents and businesses alike.

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