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Breaking: Tate Reeves aannounces statewide mask mandate to expire in Mississippi

Governor Tate Reeves is allowing the statewide mask mandate to expire in Mississippi, according to a press release issued by the governor on Wednesday.

“Today, I signed a new executive order which extends some of our measures to prevent rampant COVID-19 transmission. We have to make sure that we do not go back to the dangerous times of serious hospital capacity issues. The statewide mask mandate is expiring,” Reeves said prior to the announement.

Other changes were made to the order.

Under the new executive order, some social distancing restrictions have been eased as our new COVD-19 case numbers continue to improve. A few of the relaxed restrictions include increasing attendance at outdoor K-12 extracurricular events such as football games to 50% of seating capacity, limiting group gatherings when you are unable to social distance to no more than 20 indoors and 100 outdoors, and requiring masks for schools and close contact businesses like salons and barbershops.

The order is in effect until Wednesday, November 11 at 5:00 PM.

“I have always tried to stress the important balance of this time: we cannot allow our system to collapse, and we should not use the heavy-hand of government more than it is justified,” said Governor Tate Reeves. “We have to tailor our actions to the current threat, and make sure that they do not go beyond what is reasonable.”

Jon Ross Myers

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