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Lines already forming in anticaption of President Trump rally

People have been waiting for several hours and are starting to pour in to the area where president Trump will be holding a rally later today.

From the City of Tupelo and Lee County Sheriffs Department:

We would like to take this time to welcome President Donald J. Trump to Lee County. We are honored that the President will be coming to Tupelo for a visit. If you are planning on traveling around the Tupelo Municipal Airport on Monday, we would like to remind you that certain restrictions will be in place. Please make plans to avoid travel in that area from noon until after 7 pm on Monday, November 26. No parking will be allowed on the side of streets near the event. Any vehicles or persons near the event are subject to search. We are still working on finalizing details and will release additional information when it becomes available.

Parking details….
Presidential Detail has confirmed that public parking will be at the Tupelo Furniture Market and buses will be available to transport people to the event.


Jon Ross Myers

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