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Local Vet looking for person who illegally dropped off starved/dehydrated kitten

The Animal Clinic of Tippah County and Dr. Elizabeth Smith is looking for the person who illegally trespassed on their property, leaving behind a starved and dehydrated kitten in the heat and rain.

The video can be seen Here.

From the post:

“Well I really hate to be the evil queen that posts this but this poor kitten suffered needlessly in the heat and rain, with no food, water, or shelter for over 12 hours. She was dumped 26 minutes after we closed last night. She didn’t try the door or anything so she knew what she was doing. Our hours are well posted as well as a sign saying it’s illegal to dump animals and you’re on camera. The kitten got out of the box and dragged itself to the road and later died as I was starting a blood transfusion to combat the severe flea anemia and hypoglycemia.

I’d like to have a conversation with this lady if anyone can identify her. Maybe we can learn something in the process. I hate to embarrass anyone but she needs to understand the consequences of her actions. So please help me find her. The car was maybe a Nissan, and I think it’s white with a dark hood.”

They ask you contact them with the identity of the female pictured.

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