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Tips for battling depression during prolonged isolation

There is no doubt that this is a trying time for the world right now. Many people who suffer from anxiety and depression are seeing a huge spike in symptoms due to the isolation we are having to endure.

Here are some ideas to boost your spirits and get you through this difficult time.

1. Take a walk (or two) every day.

If it’s rainy, do a short indoor exercise. There are tons of free 20-30 minute workouts available on YouTube for people of all fitness levels. Boost those endorphins!

Go for a walk

2. Start journaling.

Make it a point to write in a journal daily. Don’t censor yourself! Put your thoughts on paper, whatever they may be. This is a good way to release pent up feelings. It will also be interesting to look back years from now and see how you documented your experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic

Find time to write

3. Video chat!

We are strongly advised or even mandated in some places to practice social distancing. This does not mean you can’t still interact with friends. Use FaceTime, Facebook Messenger video chat, or other video chat apps to see your friends faces daily.

Video Chat

4. Read!

Books are a great way to temporarily escape reality and enter another word. The New York Public library is now offering 300,000 e-books online for FREE right now. Take this time to read something new, a classic, or open your Bible to find some encouragement.


5. Re-organize and de clutter!

Set your mind on completing a task. Get up and do those things around the house you’ve been putting off. There’s no better time than the present!

De-clutter your life

6. Meditate.

Find a quiet place and close your eyes. Focus on your breathing and nothing else. When troublesome thoughts try to intervene, sweep them away and re-focus on your breathing and the here and now. There are several YouTube channels dedicated to meditation and enlightenment, as well as apps.

Find quiet time

Stay well everyone! Physically as well as mentally.

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