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Mississippi Police Chief tests positive for COVID19 virus

A police chief in Mississippi has tested positive for the COVID19 virus.

From the City of Belmot Mayor on social media:

This is Mayor Buddy Wiltshire posting. I certainly don’t want people to panic but I do want everyone to be informed and to take this seriously. Police Chief Donald Ray Thomas has given me permission to share this, and I wanted you to hear it from an official source because word will be out soon anyway.

He received a call this morning that his COVID test resulted in a positive diagnosis. They don’t have my results back yet. Like me, Donald Ray continues to feel fine and shows no symptoms other than some that are also associated with allergies.

He and I are both shocked at this news. We both want everyone to stay home if you possibly can. Pay attention to any symptoms you might be having and call your health care provider if any develop. The last thing either of us would ever want to do is to spread this, but this proves that it is in our town and we all need to stay home.

He will remain quarantined for 14 more days, as will I if I get a positive test. Let’s pray that he continues to feel well and that we can all limit the spread of this virus. I will update you when I get my results. Buddy.

Jon Ross Myers

Jon Ross Myers is the executive editor and publisher of the Mississippi News Network, Mississippi's largest digital only media company. He can be reached at editor@tippahnews.com

One thought on “Mississippi Police Chief tests positive for COVID19 virus

  • Dwalia South , MD

    If they had no symptoms , why were they tested?? We have strict rules about who can be tested and when… If you take the test, you need to quarantine yourself right off the bat . You can’t hang around and wait to find out yes or no.. must assume the worst from the get go.
    You are part of the problem!!!!


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