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MDWFP Adjusts Crappie Limits in Response to Angler Concerns and Population Trend

In a proactive move to preserve crappie populations and sustain quality fishing experiences, the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks (MDWFP) has announced reductions in daily creel limits for several key fishing locations across the state.

Effective July 24th, changes to daily creel limits will impact Lake Washington and the four Flood Control Reservoirs — Grenada, Enid, Sardis, and Arkabutla. These adjustments come in response to observed changes in crappie populations, increased harvesting rates, and feedback from anglers expressing concerns about the sustainability of these fisheries.

Crappie, known for their popularity among Mississippi anglers, are a prized catch due to their delicious taste and sport fishing appeal. The decision to lower creel limits aims to ensure that these lakes maintain healthy crappie populations, thus safeguarding their long-term viability for recreational fishing.

“This adjustment in creel limits is a strategic step to protect and enhance our crappie fisheries,” stated a representative from MDWFP. “By managing harvest rates responsibly, we aim to preserve these resources so that anglers can continue to enjoy quality fishing opportunities in the years ahead.”

Anglers and fishing enthusiasts are encouraged to visit the MDWFP website for detailed information on the new creel limits, which are designed to support sustainable fishing practices and preserve Mississippi’s natural resources.

For more information on the adjusted creel limits and their implementation, visit MDWFP’s official announcement.

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