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Scam Alert- Scammer is Posing as Lee County Sheriffs’ Department

Sheriff Jim H. Johnson of Lee County, Mississippi, issued a stark warning today regarding a prevalent phone scam targeting residents in the area.

According to Sheriff Johnson, individuals posing as a lieutenant from the Lee County Sheriff’s Department are making calls from a 662 area code. The fraudulent caller informs recipients that they owe money to avoid an imminent arrest warrant. This tactic, known as a “warrant scam,” aims to intimidate victims into making immediate payments under false pretenses.

“It’s scam time again,” Sheriff Johnson remarked. “We will NEVER call you and demand money or threaten you with arrest or incarceration.” He emphasized that if the sheriff’s department issues a warrant, deputies will handle the matter in person, not through telephone or other electronic communications.

The sheriff urged residents to remain vigilant and cautioned against divulging personal information or making any financial transactions over the phone. “Please be aware of scammers and do not give them your personal information, money, credit card number, etc.,” Sheriff Johnson advised.

This latest scam underscores the importance of verifying the legitimacy of any unsolicited calls claiming to be from law enforcement agencies. Residents are encouraged to report suspicious activities to local authorities promptly.

For more information or to report a scam attempt, individuals are encouraged to contact the Lee County Sheriff’s Department directly.

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