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According to Whitetails Unlimited Mississippi

In a move aimed at providing more choice for hunters, Mississippi has expanded its hunting apparel regulations to include solid fluorescent pink alongside the traditional fluorescent orange. Effective immediately, hunters participating in any gun season for deer and wild hogs are permitted to wear solid fluorescent pink attire as an alternative to the established solid unbroken fluorescent orange.

The decision comes as part of ongoing efforts by the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks (MDWFP) to enhance safety measures while accommodating the preferences of hunters across the state. This change is expected to provide increased visibility and safety in the field while maintaining compliance with existing hunting regulations.

Fluorescent colors are widely recognized in hunting regulations as they significantly enhance visibility, reducing the risk of accidents by making hunters more easily identifiable to others in the vicinity. The introduction of fluorescent pink as a permissible color choice expands the range of options available to hunters while maintaining the crucial safety standards required during hunting activities.

Hunters are reminded to review and adhere to all current hunting regulations and safety guidelines outlined by the MDWFP. For more information on hunting regulations, including the use of fluorescent pink attire, hunters are encouraged to visit the official MDWFP website or contact their local wildlife office.

The implementation of fluorescent pink attire reflects Mississippi’s proactive approach to fostering safe and responsible hunting practices, ensuring that hunters can enjoy their outdoor pursuits with enhanced safety and visibility.

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