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Local residents upset with state of Tippah cemetery

A recent outcry over the appearance and upkeep of one of Tippah County’s cemeteries is bringing up memories of past acts of grave desecration.

Five years ago there were meetings, news stories and more over the state of Tippah Memorial Gardens.

Recent pictures taken of the state of the plots have been brought to the attention of Mortimer funeral home, headquartered in Greenville.

After sending in pictures and concerns over the state of the graves, this response was given by Mortimer Funeral Home.

“Thanks for reaching out.

I have already been made aware of the situation, and I will be there before the end of the week to see it first hand.

I am 4 hours away, and there is no local interest in owning or operating this cemetery. I would love for it to be locally owned, but there is no interest.

I am contracting upkeep out to landscaping contractors who appear to be charging me for weed eating. I’m seeking answers to why it is not being done.

Thank you for making me aware of the situation.

I’m very sorry for the condition of your family plots.

It will be corrected.”

Jon Ross Myers

Jon Ross Myers is the executive editor and publisher of the Mississippi News Network, Mississippi's largest digital only media company. He can be reached at editor@tippahnews.com

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