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Medical emergency believed to have caused fatal crash in Ripley

The fatal crash that occured around 2 pm on Thursday was the result of a medical emergency with one of the drivers according to first responders in Tippah County.

Mr. William Spight was coming from S. Line Street onto Highway 15 when a medical emergency, believed to possibly have been a stroke or other medical condition with the brain, caused him to run into traffic. He hit another vehicle where the passengers of that vehicle only had minor injuries.

First responders were fast on the scene and they attempted to revive Mr. Spight along with witnesses that saw the incident take place. The first police response was there within minutes of the incident taking place. They eventually got Spight into an ambulance and towards Tippah County hospital.

Despite the efforts of those on the scene, including civilian witnesses, police and EMT’s, Mr. Spight coded en route and was pronounced dead at TCH according to Tippah County first responders.

Jon Ross Myers

Jon Ross Myers is the executive editor and publisher of the Mississippi News Network, Mississippi's largest digital only media company. He can be reached at editor@tippahnews.com

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