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Tippah Animal Rescue looking for emergency fosters as dogs on last day

The Tippah County Animal Rescue is looking for emergency fosters as several animals picked up in Ripley are on their last day in holding before they are euthanized.

The animals are in an animal control facility after being picked up in the city limits of Ripley.

From a facebook post from the rescue director:

Okay guys their time is up!!!! They have to be picked up tomorrow or they will be euthanized!!! Come on Tippah. step up. We have the same few people fostering over and over. No new fosters in awhile. So Tippah county if want to see change, then be the change!!!! I am begging… please.

They don’t deserve this. Message me if you can help. I need four more fosters.

There are currently four dogs that were picked up within Ripley city limits and are in animal control holding. They are being held in another county and if a foster does not step up by TOMORROW, they will be euthanized as per the 10 day hold policy. Tippah County Animal Rescue is comprised of a network of foster homes and they are at max capacity.

They HAVE to have new fosters volunteer or these dogs will not be able to be saved. If you or someone you know can foster even just one dog for a few weeks, message Tippah County Animal Rescue on Facebook. Fostering saves lives and with your help, four can be saved.

You an contact the rescue via their facebook page here if you can help.

Jon Ross Myers

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