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Town in Tippah County named one of 10 best small towns in Mississippi

A small town in Tippah County has been named among the ten best in Mississippi according to an internet site devoted to making lists about the best places to live.

According to HomeSnacks.com, Falkner is the 8th best small town in Mississippi to live in 2019.

Falkner is ranked 8th out of 146 ‘small towns’ in Mississippi, described as towns wih populations under 1,000.

Falkner has seen a resurgence in recent years, with development plans that include a Historical Museum and several small shops thansk in large part to the Falkner Heritage Society.

You can see the complete list of towns here.

Best Towns To Live In Mississippi

  1. Saltillo (Pop. 4,988)
  2. Hide-A-Way Lake (Pop. 1,883)
  3. New Hope (Pop. 3,393)
  4. Beechwood (Pop. 4,365)
  5. Tunica (Pop. 1,249)
  6. Lynchburg (Pop. 2,197)
  7. Florence (Pop. 4,313)
  8. Bridgetown (Pop. 2,045)
  9. Tunica Resorts (Pop. 1,839)
  10. Guntown (Pop. 2,509)

Best Small Towns To Live In Mississippi

  1. Lyon (Pop. 322)
  2. Henderson Point (Pop. 144)
  3. Sumner (Pop. 313)
  4. New Hamilton (Pop. 523)
  5. Louin (Pop. 381)
  6. Kossuth (Pop. 237)
  7. Sylvarena (Pop. 100)
  8. Falkner (Pop. 627)
  9. Sebastopol (Pop. 317)
  10. Sandersville (Pop. 850)

If you’re curious enough, here are the worst places to live in Mississippi according to the data:

  1. Holly Springs (Pop. 7,591)
  2. Columbia (Pop. 6,292)
  3. Louisville (Pop. 6,373)

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