Police arrive at scene of Murder/Suicide in Tish County

Police in Tishomingo County received a call of an alleged shooting yesterdy. Upon arrival, police found two deceased individuals who died of gunshot wounds.

From the Tishomingo County Sheriffs Office:

On January 2, 2019, Tishomingo County Sheriff’s Office received a call of an alleged shooting that occurred at a residence located on CR 236.  As deputies arrived, the alleged shooter was located with an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.  Deputies then discovered another individual at the residence with a gunshot wound as well.  Both individuals were pronounced deceased by the coroner.

The Tishomingo County Sheriff’s Office is treating this shooting as a MURDER/SUICIDE at this time.  Any other information pertaining to this will have to be addressed by the Tishomingo County Coroner.

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