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Newton Police Department Issued a Man Hunt

In a pressing development, the Newton Police Department has issued an urgent appeal for information on the whereabouts of Pervis Jermaine Word. The search intensifies after an alarming incident where Word allegedly fired shots at law enforcement officers, striking a police unit.

The unsettling incident occurred around 9:30 PM, prompting a citywide alert. Authorities have urged anyone with knowledge of Word’s location to immediately contact the Newton Police Department.

Furthermore, authorities cautioned against harboring the fugitive, emphasizing that any individual found sheltering Word would face legal repercussions.

“We urge the community’s cooperation in swiftly locating Pervis Jermaine Word,” stated a spokesperson from the Newton Police Department. “Any assistance provided will be invaluable in ensuring the safety of our officers and the community.”

For any information pertaining to Pervis Jermaine Word’s whereabouts, please contact the Newton Police Department without delay. Your cooperation is crucial in apprehending this individual and maintaining public safety.

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