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Sunday Opinion: Let’s all look for the good

In a world with so much bad, actively seek the good

Maybe you’ve noticed that sometimes the news cycle is filled with a seemingly never-ending state of bad. Whether it’s national, regional or even local: bad things happen and it’s the sworn duty of journalists to report on it. Just last week, we had the somber duty to report on Arrests, young people afflicted with Serious ailments and other stories that leave a sour taste both reading and writing.

We read these stories and our faith in the state of the world is sometimes shaken. Stories on Drug trafficking , Local businesses being vandalized and worse will do that.

It’s important to know those happenings. Be aware of your surroundings and involved in your community.

I say, for one, we seek out the good in our community as well.

Let’s focus on the local business owner who is putting in time and effort to provide a Scholarship opportunity to someone in need or the Ripley woman donating her time to a local non profit. Let’s give people their flowers while they are still living, as my old preacher so often said.

And we want to publish more good news stories. Is your daughter being awarded a scholarship or your parents celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary? Do you want to celebrate the birth of your first born or your son finally getting married and moving out)? Let us know. We will try our best to publish local good news stories every time they are sent our way.

Maybe you do not encounter any good news. These ruts sometimes occur. Finding the good can be difficult at times.

Our advice? Be the good you wish to see. It will change your life and most likely other people’s as well.

You don’t have to inform us of these good deeds. But, should you wish, we will gladly spread the word to maybe make the good news cycle continue.

Jon Ross Myers

Jon Ross Myers is the executive editor and publisher of the Mississippi News Network, Mississippi's largest digital only media company. He can be reached at editor@tippahnews.com

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