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Falkner’s class of 98 honors fallen classmates by celebrating their children

One of the closest bonds you will form in your life is your graduating high school class. Some of your first friends, those you grow up with, your first experience with love.

And, in some cases, your first experience with loss and your own mortality.

Losing a classmate, whether in school or after graduating, is a tough thing. It’s exactly what the Falkner class of 1998 experienced, losing a trio of classmates: Tabitha Walker, Melissa Moore and Candy Robbins Mauney.

Two of those classmates, Moore and Mauney, have children who are graduating this year.

During last nights Falkner senior ceremony the class of 98 honored their classmates by presenting a scholarship and recognizing their friends children: Shiloh Mauney and senior football player Elijah Moore.

A wonderful link from past to present.

Jon Ross Myers

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