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ACE Fiber running high speed internet to the south part of Tippah County that is serviced by NALGW

ACE Fiber Expands to New Albany, Mississippi, Bringing High-Speed Internet to Residents

In a significant move to enhance connectivity across Mississippi, ACE Fiber, a subsidiary of Alcorn County Electric Power Association (“ACE Power”), has announced its expansion into New Albany. This expansion aims to bring fast and reliable fiber internet to residents within the New Albany electric footprint, marking a pivotal step in ACE Fiber’s mission to deliver cutting-edge technology to more communities.

The expansion project, which commenced its 5-step construction process in November, promises to revolutionize internet access in the area. Technicians will gradually install the fiber network neighborhood-by-neighborhood over the coming months, with completion expected by early summer of 2024.

Founded in 1934 to serve Alcorn County, ACE Power has a rich history of community-driven service, initially focusing on providing electricity to local farmers. ACE Fiber, launched in 2019, was a strategic response to the growing demand for reliable fiber optic internet. Since its inception, ACE Fiber has garnered acclaim for its competitive offerings, including high-speed internet up to 10 Gbps, no contracts, free equipment, and responsive local service.

“We’re thrilled to extend our services to New Albany, partnering with New Albany Light Gas and Water to ensure residents receive the same level of quality, reliability, and service that our subscribers in Alcorn County have enjoyed,” remarked Sean McGrath, CEO of ACE Power.

Benefits of Fiber-Optic Internet for New Albany Residents

Residents within the New Albany electric footprint can anticipate a range of benefits from ACE Fiber’s high-speed internet services. Faster upload and download speeds will enable seamless streaming, enhanced opportunities for remote work and learning, and increased access to telehealth and educational resources.

Businesses in New Albany are also poised to benefit significantly from ACE Fiber’s arrival. Enhanced connectivity supports e-commerce platforms, online payment systems, and streamlined operational efficiencies, paving the way for growth and development within the local business community.

Bill Mattox, General Manager of New Albany Light Gas and Water, expressed confidence in the partnership with ACE Power, citing the successful track record of ACE Fiber in neighboring counties.

The Construction Process Unveiled

The construction process involves meticulous steps to ensure a robust fiber network rollout. Beginning with the installation of telecommunications infrastructure, followed by the mainline fiber network construction and splicing phases, ACE Fiber progresses methodically to connect homes efficiently. Technicians will complete the installation process by equipping residences with necessary network devices, ensuring seamless integration into the fiber network.

“As we move forward with our construction plan, we are committed to transparency and timely updates for residents eagerly awaiting fiber internet service,” McGrath assured.

Residents are encouraged to stay informed about project developments through updates on ACE Fiber’s coverage map and participation in community forums like the New Albany/Union County Facebook group.

ACE Fiber’s Service Offerings

ACE Fiber offers a range of residential internet packages tailored to meet diverse needs, from standard speeds to ultra-fast connections up to 2 Gbps. Customized commercial packages are also available, providing local businesses with scalable solutions and dedicated support to facilitate growth and efficiency.

For more information on ACE Fiber’s services and the latest updates on the New Albany expansion, residents can visit the ACE Fiber website or contact customer service directly.

In summary, ACE Fiber’s expansion into New Albany represents a significant stride toward advancing digital infrastructure across Mississippi, promising residents and businesses alike unparalleled connectivity and service excellence.

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