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GENERAL ELECTION RESULTS: Bullock takes South Tippah school board seat, Kelly carries Tippah County in race for U.S. House

RIPLEY–Votes have been cast and county in the 2022 General Election held today in Tippah County that included the race for District 3 South Tippah School Board, 1st Congressional U.S. House of Representatives, and several judgeships.

Below are the unofficial results as tabulated at the Tippah County Courthouse. Election officials said that approximately 24 affidavit results have yet to be counted, but they will have no result on the outcomes. According to state law, there is a 10-day waiting period before results become official.

South Tippah School Board Trustee South School District 3

Nicole Celese Bullock 787 James Storey 350

North Tippah School Board Trustee North School District 3

Allen McMillin 257 Write-In Totals 7

1st Congressional District U.S. House Of Representatives

Trent Kelly (R) 4,876 Dianne Black (D) 676

District 1 Position 1 Court of Appeals Judge

Jim Greenlee 4,503 Write-In Totals 43

Chancery District 18 Place 1 Chancery Court Judge

Lawrence Little 4,524 Write-In Totals 33

Chancery District 18 Place 2 Chancery Court Judge

Robert Whitwell 4,492 Write-In Totals 39

Circuit District 3 Place 1 Circuit Court Judge

Gray Tollison 4,486 Write-In Totals 39

Circuit District 3 Place 2 Circuit Court Judge

Kelly Luther (NP) 4,198 Shirley Byers 1,084

Circuit District 3 Place 3 Circuit Court Judge

Kent Smith (NP) 4,475 Write-In Totals 33

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