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Tippah Election Results

The Republican and Democrat primaries were held last Tuesday, June 5 for Senate and House of Representatives.  The winners of these contests will face off against each other in the general election.
Results for Tippah County are as follows:

Republican Primary for Senate:

Richard Warren Boyanton 149 votes

Roger F. Wicker 1,016 votes.

There were four write-in votes.

Republican Primary for House of Representatives, candidate Trent Kelly garnered 1,100 votes and there were eight write-in votes cast.

Democratic Primary for Senate

David Baria 82 votes

Jensen Bohren 7 votes

Jerone Garland 10 votes

Victor G. Maurice Jr.  9 votes

Omeria Scott 14 votes

Howard Sherman received 68 votes.

There were no write-in votes.

Democrat Primary for House of Representatives:

Randy Mack Wadkins 159 votes and there were no write-in votes.

Howard Sherman and David Baria will be in a runoff to see who faces Roger Wicker.

 Trent Kelly (I)- Randy Wadkins and  Tracella Lou O’Hara Hill will face off in the Novemeber Election.


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