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North Tippah School district to offer traditional and hybrid education program

The North Tippah School district released that they would be offering a traiditional and hybrid schoo model in 2020-2021. You can see the plan from the district as taken from the district website below.

North Tippah School District (NTSD) has developed a comprehensive Return to School Plan for the
2020 – 2021 school year. This plan contains guidelines for parents and school officials, and it is
built within the framework of considerations issued by the Centers for Disease Control, the
Mississippi State Department of Health, and the Mississippi Department of Education. In preparing
this document, the district leadership team received input from parents, teachers, administrators,
and staff members.
North Tippah Schools
Return to School
Plan 2020-2021
North Tippah Schools
Return to School
Plan 2020-2021
• Mississippi Department of Education (MDE) issued Considerations for Reopening Mississippi
Schools. In the MDE document, two options were outlined: the traditional school model, and a hybrid
school model. While North Tippah Schools intend to begin the school year with the traditional school model, parents must be prepared for both models to be utilized during the school year. As
outlined in the NTSD Return to School Plan, frequent changes could be made throughout the school
year based on COVID-19 spread in our schools and community and based on directions from the
Governor’s Office, the Mississippi State Department of Health, and the Mississippi Department of
Registration dates:
• July 15th – Registration Document/Survey for No Change of Address for students that reside in
North Tippah is located at the following links:
• Chalybeate Elementary
• Falkner Elementary
• Falkner High School
• Walnut Elementary
• Walnut High School
• Online Free/Reduced Lunch Application
• July 21st – Students that have changed address or have a release from another district may contact
their school to set up a registration appointment.
• July 29th – Deadline to initially choose Hybrid/Blended option.
(Kindergarten and PreK students who have already registered will not need to do so again.)
North Tippah Schools
Return to School
Plan 2020-2021
North Tippah Schools
Return to School
Plan 2020-2021
The following A/B schedule will be used for students choosing traditional face-to-face learning. These days will be used to set
routines, get students familiar with safety precautions, introduce Google Classroom, and establish student email addresses.

• August 6th – Group A will be on campus
• August 7
th – Group B will be on campus
• August 10th – Group A will be on campus
• August 11th – Group B will be on campus
• August 12th – Group A will be on campus
• August 13th – Group B will be on campus
• August 14th – Distance Learning Day
• August 17th – All traditional learning students will report to campus (A and B together).
Groupings will be decided by building principals and sent out at a later date.

• School districts face the challenge of implementing plans that will not be ideal for everyone. Every
family situation is unique, and district officials are committed to providing the best educational experience
possible for students under the current circumstances.
• Social distancing will be a challenge in many situations with the traditional school model. School districts
have a limited number of buses, limited square footage in classrooms, and many other efficiency-related
obstacles. Social distancing will be maintained to the greatest extent possible, and strategies will be
implemented by school officials based on the feasibility of the unique space at each school and in each
• Because district officials respect each family’s needs, hybrid learning will be an option for students
during the 2020-2021 school year. Hybrid learning will allow students to remain enrolled in North Tippah
Schools while receiving teacher-facilitated online instruction. Parents can register by completing the
distance learning application on the North Tippah website, and questions about the application process
can be answered by sending an email to registration@ntippah.k12.ms.us .While face-to-face interaction
is a more effective means of instruction, the hybrid learning option is available for parents that do not
prefer the traditional model for their individual family situation. Please be advised that the hybrid model
will require physical attendance for designated assessments, screeners, and for needed additional
support. Students selecting to participate in hybrid learning may not transfer to traditional learning until
the end of the 9 weeks grading period. Students participating in traditional learning may transfer to the
hybrid model at any time.
• Everyone must be prepared for intermittent closures. Parents must have plans that can be activated
immediately if there is a school closure or if their children are not able to attend school because of a
quarantine situation. Parents are urged to be prepared to change plans within 24 hours if needed, and it is
critical that parents have updated email addresses and multiple phone numbers on file with their child’s
☐ School officials will establish and maintain communication with the
Mississippi State Department of Health, the Mississippi Department of
Education, and the local healthcare community.
☐ School officials will post signage throughout the school regarding
measures to stop the spread of COVID-19. These measures include but
are not limited to being aware of COVID-19 symptoms, good hygiene
practices, and district guidance regarding staying at home when sick.
☐ School officials will reinforce procedures regarding daily health questions for students and
follow guidelines for students and staff who are experiencing symptoms.
☐ School officials will follow contact tracing instructions from local and state health officials.
☐ The district maintenance team will isolate and deep clean impacted classrooms and spaces.
☐ If there is a significant COVID-19 spread, secondary schools could be moved to a hybrid
schedule for a specified length of time.
☐ Elementary schools will remain on a traditional schedule if at all possible due to the
nature of the static learning environment in elementary schools.
☐ If there is a significant COVID-19 spread, any group of students could be moved to
temporary hybrid learning for a period of time. This situation could apply to individual
classes, individual schools, multiple schools, or the entire school district.

• The absence requirement in the North Tippah Schools exemption policy will be determined at a later date pending the MDE
guidelines. Students are encouraged to stay at home if they are showing COVID-19 symptoms.
• As a proactive measure, graduation requirements were revised for the Class of 2021. These adjustments were made to benefit
the seniors in case there are closures throughout the school year. Graduation requirements will be consistent with the
Mississippi Department of Education graduation requirements.
• The Mississippi Department of Education has given school districts the flexibility to adjust the amount of time that students
spend in the classroom each day. North Tippah Schools will reduce the amount of instructional time in order to allow more time
for bus arrivals and cleaning, extended class changes if needed, and extended lunch periods to promote social distancing.
•If hybrid model must be implemented throughout the school year, students will be held accountable for assignments and on-site
assessments given during that time.

• Schools may alter their breakfast/lunch schedule so that fewer students are in the cafeteria at one time, and schools may also
serve breakfast/lunch in the classroom in certain situations.
• Social distancing will be promoted in the serving lines and at cafeteria tables.
• Cafeterias and kitchens will be cleaned frequently throughout the school day.
• Students will be able to sanitize hands before and after lunch.
• If needed, entrance and exit pathways will be marked to designate student flow.
• Cafeteria staff will wash hands immediately after unpacking and storing deliveries.
• All surfaces will be sanitized daily, and all tools and equipment used in the kitchen will be sanitized between uses.
• Because social distancing on buses will be a challenge, parents are encouraged to provide transportation to school if possible.
• Children are required to wear masks for bus transportation.
• Temperatures will be checked prior to entering the bus. If a student has a temperature, they will not be allowed to board, nor will
other members of their household. Students arriving at school with a parent will also be required to have temperature checks.
Students with a temperature, as well as any other student in that car, will not be allowed to stay on campus.
• Each bus will be sanitized between routes, and buses will be deep cleaned as frequently as possible.
• A seating chart will be developed to maintain as much distance as possible.
• Siblings may be asked to sit together in the same seat to allow more social distancing opportunities for students.
North North Tippah Schools Tippah Schools Return to School Return to School Guidelines
Facility Guidelines• All facilities will be deep cleaned before the return of students and staff, and buildings will receive a deep cleaning on a regular schedule.
• Every campus will have one employee that is devoted to cleaning frequently touched areas throughout the entire school day.
• Signage will be located throughout the building reminding students about social distancing and what to do if they are showing
• Age-appropriate signage will be posted throughout the building with tips for proper hygiene and preventive measures.

• Masks will be required on the bus and strongly encouraged during all moments of transition or times of lack of social distancing.
• There will be minimal movement inside the classroom. Once students are seated, they will be expected to remain seated unless
given instructions by the teacher to move to another location.
• Morning arrival procedures and class changes may be altered on each campus to promote social distancing.
• Students will hear intercom announcements about fever, sickness, and good hygiene.
• The use of shared objects at recess will be limited.
• The use of shared materials in class will be limited. Each student will have separate materials, pencils, crayons, etc.
• Extra classroom furniture can be eliminated to accommodate more classroom space.
• In elementary grades, teachers may rotate and students may stay in the same classroom all day when feasible.
• Group work will be limited in order to promote social distancing.
• Students should all face in the same direction in class when feasible. This is dependent upon classroom furniture, enrollment,
and room size.
• Teachers will keep the same seating arrangements on a weekly basis.
Heath and
Hygiene • Every elementary school, middle school, and high school will have a full-time, on-site health designee.
• Because social distancing will often be a challenge, NTSD will provide two reusable masks. Masks could reduce the risk of COVID-19
transmission, and masks significantly reduce the possibility of a student being quarantined by the Mississippi State Department of
Health for 14 days because of close contact at school with a confirmed COVID-19 case.
• Field trips will not be allowed until further notice. This situation will be monitored throughout the school year.
• Guest speakers will not be allowed until further notice. This situation will be monitored throughout the school year.
• Students are encouraged to bring their own water bottles from home.
• Home is the first screening point on the continuum. It is requested that parents check for symptoms and check their child’s
temperature each morning before leaving for school. Families are encouraged to self-report symptoms of illness to the school
• School staff may conduct temperature checks and well-being checks as deemed necessary throughout the school day. Students
should stay home if they are experiencing any symptoms.
• An isolation area will be designated for students exhibiting symptoms while they wait on their parents.
• Mental health support will be available for students on each campus.
North Tippah Schools North Tippah Schools Return to School Return to School Guidelines Guidelines

Confirmed Case
• When a student has a confirmed case of COVID-19, he/she will be quarantined by the Mississippi State Department of
Health. The student will be able to make-up any missed assignments during his/her time away from school.
• Confirmed cases will be reported by the school district to the Mississippi State Department of Health. After contact tracing,
the Mississippi State Department of Health will determine if any students and/or staff will be subject to a 14- day quarantine
• When a student or staff member has a confirmed case of COVID-19, email notifications will be sent to the parents of the
students in his/her classes. School officials will follow all directions given by the Mississippi State Department of Health
regarding contact tracing and quarantining of students that are deemed as “close contacts” by the Mississippi State
Department of Health.
• Deep cleaning procedures will be implemented.

• Please check for symptoms at home each morning before school. These symptoms include fever of over 100 degrees, new
cough, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, chills, body aches, muscle pains, sore throat, new loss of taste or smell,
unusual fatigue or irritability, stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, unusual rash, or unusual pink/red eyes not
explained by allergies or injury.
• Please keep children at home when symptoms are noticed during the morning health check.
• Please provide transportation to and from school when feasible.
• If there is a confirmed case of COVID-19 in your household, please report that information to school officials
• Please follow all guidance from school officials and the Mississippi State Department of Health.
North Tippah Schools North Tippah Schools Return to School Return to School Guidelines Guidelines
Please note the following whendetermining if applyingfor distance learning is the best option for your child:
• Online/digital learning will be the primary method of working towards
competency in a grade level and/or content area. Because hybrid
learning will not be delivered through paper packets, students will
be assigned a school-issued device to use for digital learning.
Students will use the district-approved online learning management
system, Google Classroom.
• Hybrid learning students will follow the academic calendar
approved by the school board. Classes will start on the first
student day in August 2020 and end on the last student day in the
spring of 2021.
• Best practices for hybrid learning will be employed to include
rigorous instruction, high expectations of student performance,
and meeting all grade-level standards.
• Hybrid learning students must be committed to online learning.
While hybrid learning is an option for students in unique
situations, hybrid learning does not serve as an equitable
alternative to the traditional classroom setting.
• Some elective courses and opportunities may not be offered to full-time
hybrid learning students. For example, extracurricular activities such as
athletics and fine arts will not be available to students who choose hybrid.
• Attendance will be taken in accordance with the Mississippi Department
of Education’s attendance guidelines regarding hybrid learning.
• All North Tippah grading policies and procedures will apply
during hybrid learning.
• A unique partnership must be established between all educators,
students, parents and caregivers. It is imperative that all parties
communicate to pay close attention to the development of each child and
ensure that appropriate grade level growth takes place at a distance.
• Grab-and-Go meals will be available for hybrid learning students.
• Approved applications will be in effect on a semester-by-semester basis.
There will be an opportunity to transfer from full-time virtual learning to
the school/traditional classroom setting at the end of each nine weeks.
• Expressing intent to participate constitutes a commitment to virtual
learning and acknowledgement to all the statements in this document,
the North Tippah Schools Hybrid Learning Description and
• Universal screeners and state assessments are required by the Mississippi
Department of Education and/or state law. Benchmark assessments,
Advanced Placement assessments, and other assessments due to the
student’s classes or grade will also be necessary. At this point in time,
students in a hybrid learning environment will be required to participate
in any or all of these assessments. These assessments will be completed
on campus. Details regarding these assessments will be discussed with
guardians when they become available. Safety for the students will be the
top priority.

In order to be enrolled in the North TippahSchools Hybrid Instructional Program to begin the 2020-2021 school year, the application form must be completed by Wednesday, July 29th. If you are interested in the
North Tippah Schools HybridInstructional Program, you can find the application form on the North Tippah Schoolswebsite or at the following link.

Application for Hybrid Learning
For any questions please contact us at registration@ntippah.k12.ms.us

North Tippah Schools Hybrid Learning Program: Description and Considerations
In order to give flexibility to families during the 2020-2021 school year, school officials are offering students the option of
participating in the NTSD Hybrid Instructional Program.
Students in the Hybrid Instructional Program will still be enrolled at their regular school, but they will participate in virtual learning
and complete their assignments at home. Teachers will assist students in working through weekly assignments with a mix of
interactive and independent activities. The content and the pace will match traditional school curriculum expectations.Students will
be required to be on campus for designated assessments, screeners, and additional support.

August 3,2020 Teachers’ First Day
August 6,2020 Students’ First Day
September 7,2020 Labor DayHoliday
October 9,12,2020 Fall Break
October 13,2020 Staff DevelopmentDay
(No Students)
November 23-27,2020 Thanksgiving Holidays
December 18,2020 60% Day
December 21,2020- ChristmasHolidays
January 4,2021
January 4, 2021 Staff Development Day
(No Students)
January 5, 2021 School Resumes for Students
January 18, 2021 Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday
March 18 – 12 , 2021 Spring Break
April 2, 2021 Good Friday Holiday
May 21, 2021 Students’ Last Day
May 24 – 25, 2021 Staff Development Day
(No Students)
2020 –
– 2021 School C

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