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Warrants for first degree murder after car with bullet holes was found in a ditch

On 07/14/2022, at approximately 8:21am, Lee Communications dispatched Lee County Deputies to a wrecked vehicle in the ditch on County Road 1438. Once the first deputy arrived on scene, he observed a dark colored four door sedan sitting halfway in the road. Upon closer inspection, the vehicle appeared to have numerous bullet holes. With more searching, he observed a black male lying in the back seat. Lee County Investigators responded to the scene and identified the deceased as 21 year old Jeremiah Flakes.

During the Investigation, Deputies and Investigators located several spent bullet casings at an address just east of the vehicle, which is the address where the victim’s estranged wife lives.

​After further investigation, it was determined that the following people were involved in the death of Jeremiah Flakes.

​Warrants for First Degree Murder were issued for the victim’s wife, Patricia Flakes, Shannon D. Bramlett, and Darrick Moody. Patricia Flakes and Shannon Bramlett also each have warrants for Possession of a Firearm by a Felon.

All three are currently wanted by the Lee County Sheriff’s Department.
If anyone has any information of their whereabouts, please contact the Lee County Sheriff’s Department at 662-432-2622, 911, or your local law enforcement agency.

Suspect 1:
Patricia E. Flakes
42 years old

Suspect 2:
Shannon D. Bramlett
33 years old

Suspect 3:
Darick L. Moody
19 years old

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