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Family asking for prayers for 7 year old Pine Grove student diagnosed with cancer

The family of 7 year old Cohen Hurt, a student at Pine Grove, asks that you keep him and his family in your thoughts and prayers after he was diagnosed with cancer recently. He will be treated at St. Jude in Memphis.

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From his mother, Michelle Hurt:

I first want to start off by saying thank you. Thank you to each and every person that has called, text, sent happy’s, visited and most importantly sent up prayers over the last couple days. The last few days have been absolutely overwhelming. We have tried to read and respond to each and every message sent to us. If we missed it please know we appreciate it so much. There have been so many questions and I will do my best to keep everyone updated. Cohen had been sick for a couple weeks with what we thought was dental pain and then sinus congestion. On Sunday night we noticed a change in his left eye. It had started pulling inward and he was having trouble focusing. Monday it had gotten worse. We took him on to the eye dr and from there was sent straight to Leboneur. There we learned he had a mass behind his sinus cavity pressing on his left eye. After further testing we were then sent to St Jude. A biopsy was done last night and we now know that he has Rhabdomyosarcoma (RMC). This is a cancer of the soft tissue and muscles. Bone marrow and cerebral spinal fluid biopsy was negative. ???????????????? thank you Jesus. We will be having a port placed in the morning and have one more PET scan on Friday. Chemo and radiation will begin soon. We will not know until we see how he responds to the treatment about permanent loss of vision. But what we do know is that the Great Physician above has His hands on our little boy. He is going to take care of my baby. I KNOW this. We are feeling every single prayer and I am convinced that 99% of the population in North MS and West Tn is praying for this child. The love and support is absolutely heart warming. And we ❤️ each and every one of you. Please continue to lift this precious little blue eyed boy up in your prayers. We are ready for him to be back in the yard throwing rocks, fishing with Papaw, riding tractors and doing all the things Cohen loves to do. We have a very long road ahead of us. And we are more scared right now of the unknown. I myself am struggling with feeling I need to be there for both of my babies. And keeping Channing’s life as normal as I can. She will need as many prayers too as she learns to deal with the changes that are about to come In her life as well. So again, please keep lifting us up in your prayers. They are what is keeping us going at this time. #cohencrushingcancer

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