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Tippah County home burglary leads to fundraiser for family

A recent burglary in Tippah County where a safe was broken into and money stolen has led to a fundraiser for the family who lost their entire life savings.

From the GoFundMe:

If you have ever met Amy Estes then she has probably helped you in one way or another.  She is always giving to the community and always the first one to help. Last week, Amy’s parents safe was broken into. A police report has been filed, but the money will never be returned. They took her whole life savings. The worst part is, she is in the middle of an adoption, raising a little boy as her own. The person who stole from her, stole from him. Now, its time for us to help her! She probably wont get back what was stolen from her. But with our help she can get some of it back. If everyone helps a little bit, it will go a long way. Before that money was stolen, Bear was set, he finally has the chance for the loving and financially set life he deserves. Your donations are greatly appreciated. If you can’t donate, please continue to pray for Amy.

Go Fund me set up by Tarhyn Ohler and Johnanna Turner


You can see the gofundme here. 


Jon Ross Myers

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