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New Regulations Set at Tippah Memorial Gardens

Glenfield Memorial Gardens General Regulations:

Only Glenfield staff can maintain the grounds, including mowing, weeding, and spraying. No chemicals allowed without approval. Trinkets, toys, lights, and shepherd hooks are prohibited year-round and will be removed. Only bronze vases attached to memorial markers are permitted; no plastic, glass, tin, or metal vases, and no potted plants. No rocks, mulch, fences, or barriers around markers; they will be removed. Families should dispose of faded or dead flowers in designated bins, not in wooded areas. Spring cleanup from January 12- April 1; all items, including flowers, will be removed. No flowered are allowed until after April 1. Wreaths, baskets, easels, and potted plants allowed on specific holidays but will be removed after 10 days. Christmas decorations removed after January 1.

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