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Public Service Commissioner gives update on lack of cell service in Tippah County

PSC Brandon Presley gave an update on the lack of cell service in Tippah County.

According to Presley:

TIPPAH COUNTY: I’ve been contacted by many of you about the lack of cell phone service in the Gravestown/Blue Mountain area and much of western Tippah County. AT&T is making upgrades to the cell tower to allow for more capacity for internet and voice service because that tower was at capacity before students and workers were sent home.

Work began on 3/23 and was supposed to end on 3/27, but because of the nature of tower work, they could not work during the storms that came through which put them behind. The completion of the work should be Friday (4/3), if the weather stays where they can work.

I know this is very frustrating but this action will allow for more capacity at the tower during this critical time. I’ve asked AT&T to work with affected customers for bill credits and they’ve agreed to do so. Anyone affected by this, who lives in this area, should email me at brandon.presley@psc.ms.gov and I will work to get you a credit on your bill.

This action was taken by the company to be pro-active in getting ahead of a demand on the system. Unfortunately, it’s very frustrating because to fix the problem, the tower has to be taken offline. Hopefully, this will be fixed on Friday. Please continue to contact our office at 1-800-637-7722 if you have any issues. Please share this post if you live in this area.

Jon Ross Myers

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