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Multiple scams reported, inclduing one involving stealing payroll direct deposits

Multiple scam are being reported circulating through the area, including one involving cashing counterfeit payroll checks involving a Ripley man.

The Attorney general is warning of a scam where a scammer is contacting state HR departments and attempting to reroute payroll direct deposits into a fraudulent bank account.

Other scams are being reported by police in the area. From the Prentiss County Sheriff:

“The Prentiss County Sheriff’s Office is warning residents of several scams that have been reported this week. We have had an influx of telephone scams over the last week that include individuals claiming to be with Social Security, the IRS and Microsoft. Each one is either attempting to obtain information such as Social Security Numbers, Bank Account Information, Credit/Debit card number. Be very skeptical of anyone calling asking for this information. The actual Social Security Office or IRS will not call you! One of my employees received multiples calls coming from her own telephone number. She was afraid to answer it, so I took the call. It was a recording, saying that her Microsoft IP address had been compromised and to press one to speak to a technician to resolve the matter. Simply hang up on these individuals and don’t carry on a conversation with them. In many cases they can be very persuasive or even threatening or intimidating. Don’t be a victim!! If these scammers are successful in getting this information, they could potentially drain you bank account or establish credit in name.”

In another scam, a person identified as having a Ripley address via a drivers license, was alleged to have been cashing fraudulent payroll checks. Beware these type scams.

Jon Ross Myers

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